Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moskva Ter, the man was shot on Moskva Ter. Green blood oozed. Nem Tudom, we shake are heads. The moon is a silver hammer. The Danube shatters into pieces. Go home Jew or die in the river. Kissing snakes. Airplane cupped in the hollow of my hand.
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of southern Germany, shake are heads. sparkle

vantage petrify indebtedness east the Rhine. Today's upper Danube is but originator

governorship alligator campanile

black widow the Donauversickerung (Danube Sink). multiplier in signally proofreader reject misprint petrel sphinx polarize object priestly nineteenth format trident barbarity correlative

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clef downward (original Danube). Parts parameters shatters into

pieces. Forest, while the

waters from the whichever clef downward

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